Zibo! Opening night


ZIBO! : Opening night

Zibo! is a Restaurant and bar that has just opened at a new address. The concept is very chic, the vibe is friendly and the menu savory. The owners have created a truly warm and inviting rendezvous spot with an original décor, which makes dining a visual delight.

Galerie MX had the chance to collaborate with Zibo! Our project was find a contemporary touch to complement Zibo!’s style. Galerie MX was inspired by the scene, full of vivid colours and  luminous effect. The result is a union of the visual and culinary arts, proposing a unique concept. The cherry on top was an occasion to attend the opening night on January 25! It was an evening rich in colours and  flavours, yours to try out!



Owners of Zibo! with Frank Milo at the opening night.

Michel Belleau at the opening night.