When Galerie MX “POP”

Gallery MX is proud to add the painter Guy Boudro, a proud representative of Quebecor pop art, to their list of artists.


Although he had initially studied in industrial design, it is as a self-learned artist that Boudro launched and pursued his career. Well known through Canada and the US, his art has crossed the ocean and is also known in Europe. Cherished by the collectors, his artworks have already been bought by large corporations such as Club Med and McDonald’s to complete their corporate art collections. Numerous unique installations were also created for companies like Barnes & Noble as well as for the Longchamp brand. Moreover, it is now possible to admire his work on the walls of the VIP Air France salon, in New-York’s JFK airport, since April 2017.


Behind the graphic looking, very put together look of his work hides multi-layered, rigorous and precise work. The popular icons are one of his favorite subjects, public personalities his guilty pleasure and saturated pigments his signature. He makes those popular symbols his by presenting them in many collections of stamps, puzzles and mosaics. He waltzes through those collections, according to his mood and inspiration.


Guy Boudro’s reputation is well established and his talent is no longer to prove. He’s a devoted artist whose ambitions are even greater than all he has already accomplished; the best is still to come.