‘Surfaces portantes’- The exhibit|

‘Surfaces portantes’- The exhibit| Victoria Block and Alain Salesse


From February 21 to March 7 2011, MX Gallery presents a exhibition by Victoria Block and Alain Salesse, two artist who have been working and exhibiting together for more than seven years. The artists will be present at the exhibition launch will on Saturday February 26 as part of the Montreal All Nighter Festival.

Victoria Block’s inspiration draws from the beauty and peace of nature, she creates works that express happiness and celebrate life. The artist prefers working with monumental canvases creating the impression of being in the wilderness, as opposed to smaller formats. In that sense, by using larger formats, she wishes to offer the viewer an immersive experience in order to indulge him in a landscape overwhelming with light, color and texture.

Sculptor, Alain Salesse has the objective of making the viewer enter a universe deeper and more substantial than what he sees at first glance. His egg shaped works are conceived by allying different techniques, with a ceramic shell and distinct enamel surfaces. Serving as the inside composition are light, sound, movement and fragrances. From the moment the viewer enters the room, he is invited to leave behind the reality of the exterior world and discover these inside worlds. By actively getting closer to these microcosms, the audience comes into contact with these parallel and unusual universes.

“Surface portante” is an exhibition that unites ceramic, painting and multimedia. Victoria Block and Alain Salesse have different but complementary approaches; their points of view united for the immersion of the audience into their works.

Galerie MX, 333 Viger Ouest, From February 21 to March 2011