Primavera, Caterer

Artistic Fusion

Primavera is a catering company that was founded more than eighteen years ago. Gourmand, Primavera shares at every occasion its love for delicious foods. Last week, we have had the chance to interview Myriam where she revealed the delicacies of her daily craft. Whether for banquets, events, marriages or cocktails, Primavera creates menus promoting originality and discoveries, desiring to offer to their clients a multi sensorial experience. Cooking could also be considered a visual art, confides Myriam. Indeed, at Primavera, the team works on all aspects of their art, merging thoroughness and quality. Innovation is the starting point of every creation and this caterer invents and constantly transforms. As small as they could possibly be, every bite receives the attention it deserves!

Primavera is a catering service with which Galerie MX enjoys working: dynamic, the team is versatile and attentive. Their friendliness makes the collaboration even more savory.

Primavera even shares some of their artistic secrets: the chef’s recipes are yours to discover…