New artists

Interview with Pascale Pratte

Q: How did you come about being a full time artist?

Her studies in graphic design made her discover different artistic media: painting, sculpture, photography…However, she developed a true passion for painting, which she continued doing while working in other milieus. She says always have enjoyed walking and browsing galleries until finally she herself took the plunge, and when she did she put in heart and soul. Since then, she has always exposed her work: “I never want to pile up canvases at my place, I want to put them out there and give them their own life.”

Q: How would you characterize your evolution as painter?

“I am in constant evolution, I am constantly changing. My work is different from canvas to canvas. ” Followers of Pascale Pratte surely know that she paints women and the question as to why she is interested in doing that is frequently asked: “ Femininity enables me to be creative, to be festive. I paint women because it resembles me and because it is something that is familiar. I never felt the need to paint a square and masculine bust.”

Technique wise, the more the years progress, the more the artist concentrates on texture. There is longer question of only applying color to a canvas, or to draw complex shapes, the artist wants to give another dimension to her work. According to Pratte, texture is what makes up the richness of a work of art.

Q: Tell us a bit about the way you work, where do you paint?

The artist sees her studio as a sort of retreat, a place to refuel, as she puts it. When she paints, she listens to music in order to isolate herself. « When I come out of my studio, I feel rested, happy. » The time spent in her studio, which is a part of her bedroom, is very precious and enables her to maintain a balanced life.

Q: What are your goals now that you have joined Galerie MX’s team?

“To impress you!” says Pratte. The artist wants to push her limits, to seek a perfect image: to always reinvent and perfect her technique. She also would especially enjoy participating in exhibitions and meeting the people who see her work, something that she has not had the opportunity to do in other galleries.