The Singularity of Human Nature

To celebrate its tenth anniversary in the promotion of art, Gallery MX is proud to present a new Besner exhibit, The Singularity of Human Nature.His first major collection since MORA in 2011, Besner’s latest exhibit is unique in its maturity and its finesse.The Besner collection includes a series of portraits, scenes of intimacy and subtle allusions to his childhood. A common thread is woven throughout an atmosphere of gentle and strong emotions that serves to connect the various tableaux.

The exhibit, The Singularity of Human Nature, presents a collec- tion of works that are the fruit of a 2-year process of exploration and creative renewal. During the last two years, Besner explored the techniques of etching and lithography on stone. He devel- oped a new manner of linear expression which has transformed both the composition and the rhythm of his work. Etching is a time consuming technique, which provides Besner with ample opportunity to reflect and to compose the subject differently.In this collection, Besner has created a series of portraits or, more specifically, scenes which are dominated by deep and complex colours of grey, created from successive layers of oil paste that blend successively as they accumulate. The resulting tones are strong, yet gentle. The colours are rich, complex and lumi- nous. Each painting appears, as if it were a fragment of the art- ist’s memory. Each character seems to be preoccupied by one or more objects within his environment. Objects that appear in the paintings, such as a kite, a toy, an airplane, or a boat, provide a common point of interest between the viewer and the subjects. This is a very important detail, because it interrupts the dynamic within the portrait where the observer seems to be observed.
Martin Bundock Curator

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