Montreal is a city of Hellenistic culture. After revealing the heritage of Greek antiquity in the exhibition “From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great”, the city welcomes one of the most highly esteemed representatives of Greek creativity today. As much in terms of biography as in his peregrinations, Kostis Georgiou could start by claiming as his, the saying by Heraclitus “I went in search of myself” and end with the quip attributed to Picasso, “I do not seek, I find”!
Kostis Georgiou was born in Salonika in 1956. He studied with established masters in Greece, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy, finally settling in Athens. There, he continued his polymorphic activity of painting, sculpture, music and poetry: a modern day Renaissance man. He has had over 90 solo exhibitions in museums and galleries and has participated in more than 300 group exhibitions, worldwide.

Galerie MX will be exhibiting sculptures and paintings by Kostis Georgiou from 9th to 23rd June. Surprise is quickly followed by delight. His paintings first attract by their primary colours – a profusion of red, blue and yellow – and by their subjects – faceless people, circus acrobats, bathers – in studied compositions where the artist’s interior world is imposed on us through colour, making us think of Baudelaire’s “Correspondances”, or “Voyelles” by Rimbaud.

Kostis Georgiou’s sculpture proceeds from quite a different method: the medium and the third dimension bring either fluidity or an austerity to his creations. Some have metaphysical, aerodynamic shapes; others are chiselled and tortured, reduced to their anaemic structure. This slightness of material exalts the soul of the form: a substantial form, one could say, to plagiarise Aristotle.

The Montreal art connoisseur will clearly be feeding on beauty, at this exhibition of an artist as original as he is deeply Hellenistic, whom it is in our interest to get to know better.

– Jacques Bouchard