Grid Terrain

Exhibition April 11th to 25th

Shawn Serfas identifies himself primarily as a ‘landscape painter’ influenced by the concept of ‘relational abstraction’ often referred to as ‘associative abstraction’. This approach to art-making is concerned with the extraction of the experiential nature of both material and subliminal environments. Here, an interesting dichotomy arises: the modality of the concept based on the associative ‘understanding’ of abstract pictorial propositions allows the viewers to find the references to some sort of physical environment created through a process of erosion, sedimentation, and entropy observed from a bird’s-eye-view. This fact extends the ‘reading’ of abstract images past their abstract or nonobjective representational forms. It introduces a possibility of their interpretation linked to the artwork’s associative qualities through which we as viewers interpret it. This interpretation is parallel to the viewer’s actual experiences of the physical environment.

In the process of constructing images, Serfas links himself with contemporary artists whose work is preoccupied with physical environments on both micro and macro levels. His mode of operation relies on a repeated application of the painting media that results in a substantial physical build-up which reflects an easily imagined material environment. From this point of view, Serfas’ images quite successfully express his desire to capture the essence of his preoccupation with the environment.