Located in the heart of the Montreal International neighbourhood, at the corner of Bleury and Viger streets, Galerie MX is celebrating this year its 12 years of operation. Today the Gallery has become a veritable treasure chest of an adventure that includes more than 38 years of experience in the art market. It is a major pillar in the Montreal art scene with its more than 6,000 square feet.

It offers a wide and eclectic line of art, which is the source of its great strength as a privileged player in the Montreal scene. “We do not want to restrain ourselves to a narrow aesthetic space. Whenever we find the work of a given artist attractive and there is a notable quality to such work, it is always a great pleasure to include the artist in our exhibits”. This is the operating principle which was established by Gallery owner, Michael Mensi. Galerie MX has thus created a network of artists who work across a large spectrum of media and distinctive aesthetic approaches.

In the beginning, the gallery was intended to be a showcase for Quebecois artists. It sought to extend the radius of influence of Quebecois artists abroad, through a network of affiliated galleries, most of which are located on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. There have also been more extensive projects, which allowed artists to exhibit in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

The main goal of the gallery is to consolidate its expertise in a global market which is constantly evolving. Galerie MX combines progressive innovation and continuity to constantly renew itself, while focusing on the quality and the merits of the artists that it represents. Progressive innovation, because “with globalization and the speed at which information is disseminated, it became imperative to open up to talent from abroad. People are in contact with the works of artists from around the world. Borders no longer exist”, explains Keven Sigouin, one of the gallery’s assistant. Such evolution in their perspective has allowed the Gallery MX team to introduce several international artists over the recent years and the majority of these international artists are exclusively exhibited in Canada, such as French artists, Henri Iglesis, Laurence Jenkell and Cécile Plaisance ; Brazilian artist, Lucio Carvalho ; and Russian artist, Alexander Kaletski.

Montreal and Quebec continue to provide fertile ground for highly talented artists, an artistic environment that stands second to none. According to Michael Mensi, “art lovers yearn to acquire Canadian works, not only for the tax advantages that are available, but also with the intent to encourage talents from here. The trend in most markets is to buy locally, and this is even more so in the field of culture!” This is why Galerie MX exhibits both international and Quebecois artists, which helps to provide greater exposure to our artists. The works, which the MX team regularly proposes to hang on the gallery walls, are intended to create strong dynamic relationships between the artists and the creation, leading to dialogue, confrontations, questions, and oppositions which become complementarity. All this helps to stimulate a questioning spirit among visitors and among art lovers…