Flow, an exhibition by Claude Le Blanc

The flow perceived as a stemflow, an influx or a process. We can choose to fight it, or to go with the flow and let it carry us. From an artistic point of view, it is the moment where the artist, as he creates, enters an ecstatic state.

For Claude Le Blanc, barks have always been a symbol of change and transit, in the larger sense. May that transit be happy, unavoidable, or may it lead us to growth. This openness is his very personal way to introduce an intimate relationship between the public and the artwork.

He is one of the rare artists who’s style pairs softness with a certain brutality. A technic similar to impressionism, but that also remind us of abstraction by placing the light and atmosphere at the center of his work. A perpetual dilemma for the artist, who is torn between his desires for graphic representation and for emotional depiction.

We all resemble running waters… Our years push us like flows; they never cease to stream.” – Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet.

Exhibition from 12-08-17 to 31-08-17

Meet the artist on Saturday, August 12th at noon.