March 2022

Tangled Formations – Shawn Serfas

March 17 to March 27
Shawn Serfas is a painter from the Okanagan region of British Columbia originally from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Recipient of a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, his research interests include contemporary painting, relational abstraction, environmental aesthetics, the landscape as well as issues bordering abstraction and representation. Galerie MX is pleased to present the latest works of this incredible artist in a FOCUS titled "Tangled Formations" from March 17 to 27.
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July 2021

FOCUS – Carl Lessard

July 22 to August 1
Carl Lessard is a photographer who, for years, has carved out a place of choice for himself, to the point of becoming an unmissable of photography in Quebec. A hard worker, his work has been admired, among other places, at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and in several galleries in New York; thus giving him his international fame. Passionate about people, beauty, travel and the colors black and white,...
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FOCUS – Sophie Carrier

July 8 to July 18
At the beginning of July, Galerie MX decided to recognize the work of Montreal artist Sophie Carrier. A favorite of many of our visitors, her works combine figuration and abstraction give way to a teeming, cheerful and somewhat naive world, far from a harsh reality. We invite you to discover the artist's work during the FOCUS dedicated to her from July 8 to 18.
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April 2021

FOCUS – Nelly Lim

April 15 to April 25
Born in Paris in 1980, Nelly Lim is an artist of Chinese origin to both parents. She moved to Canada in 1990 and having never lived in China, oriental culture was an unknown area for her; area that she explores until much later in her life. Her works highlight his original culture, while adding a tint of his own baggage. The old propaganda posters are therefore often reworked and relate...
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FOCUS – Nathalie Boissonnault

April 2 to April 11
Spring has officially arrived and so have the new pieces by artist Nathalie Boissonnault. Through her subjects illustrated in origami or balloons, she seeks to convey the deepest human emotions. She questions our aspirations, our hopes, our interpersonal relationships, our differences, our strengths and our weaknesses, our lucidity and our naivety. The cartography, texts and graffiti that make up origami reveal the personal journey and experiences that mark the life...
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March 2021

FOCUS – Alexander Kaletski

March 5 to March 14
This month, Galerie MX is showcasing the eclectic and highly coveted New York street artist Alexander Kaletski.  A Russian native, Kaletski made the Big Apple his home and workplace in 1975, at the birth of the city’s street art movement. As his work evolved during this historic time, he eventually became a proud representative of Atreet Art. Painter, sculptor, musician and writer, Alexander Kaletski is the very embodiment of the artist in...
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February 2021


February 18 to February 28
A true heir to the Impressionist genre and a favorite of many visitors, artist Claude Le Blanc has seduced with his works of calm and peaceful energy. Barks have been his favorite subject for several years. Symbol of change and transit, they encourage an intimate relationship between the public and the work. Galerie MX invites you to come and discover the artist's latest works during a FOCUS from February 18...
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December 2020

FOCUS – Patricia barrowman

December 10 to December 20
Long a gallery staple, the equestrian-themed works of artist Patricia Barrowman are well known to visitors. Born in 1953 in Montreal, Patricia Barrowman spent her childhood in a small mining village in northern Quebec. Very young, she was influenced by her grandmother, herself an artist; she introduced him to drawing and painting and introduced her to museums. She painted horses in her teens, subjects that will follow her to this...
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November 2020

FOCUS – Keven Saint-Claire

November 12 to November 22
For more than three years now, the works of artist Keven Saint-Claire have seduced visitors to the gallery. Having developed an aesthetic of his own, his paintings perfectly combine classical, pop & street art. There is a basic dichotomy to all his work. He has always been interested in symbolism as well as the possible interpretation of symbols, which he constantly seeks to represent by way of contrast, thus creating a...
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November 2019


November 7 from 18:00 to 20:00
Galerie MX invites you to discover two new artists, Richard Nocera & Tim Tadder, during a dedicated cocktail party. One, an abstract painter and the other, a renowned photographer, have seduced collectors around the world with their distinctive talent. We are very pleased to present them exclusively within the Canadian territory. Come and discover the work of these two Americans during a lively evening on Thursday, November 7 at 6h.
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October 2019


October 3 to October 14
BOUDRO 360 is the first significant event in the province in over ten years for artist Guy Boudro. For this edition, the artist who conquered the heart of collectors worldwide in the largest cities in the United States, France, Germany, India and many more , chose to return to his sources. As the title suggests, BOUDRO 360 showcases the artist’s production in recent years. His work is organized in collections, such...
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April 2019


April 19 to May 5
Expostion : Sous-Verre, du 19 avril au 5 mai à la Galerie MX
To celebrate the upcoming spring season, Galerie MX is introducing a new focus "works under glass". This new exhibition will feature artists such as Dominic Besner, Valérie Carmet, Michel T. Desroches, Alexander Kaletski, André Laplante, Raluca Pilat, Scott Plear and Isabelle Tremblay. All of these artists produced works, leaving the traditional canvas behind, by questioning the support as part of their work. The showcased works will feature paper, cardboard, aquatints...
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March 2019


March 7 to March 31
Galerie MX is celebrating Women’s Month this year by reserving the whole ground floor for women artists! Rather than being presented as subjects, they will take centre stage in their whole creative power. This exhibit is the opportunity to explore the profound depth of their work, both formally and from a very personal perspective. Come meet the artists on the eve of International Women’s Day, Thursday, March 7, at 6pm. Don’t...
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January 2019

ARTSIDA9 – Vernissage

January 25 from 18:00 to 20:00
The Artsida9 vernissage will provide an exclusive opportunity for the public to meet the artists, as well as preview the collection before it goes to auction. This free gallery exhibition will include additional artwork by emerging talent which will be on sale exclusively the night of the vernissage. We invite you to join us at the Artsida9 vernissage to view the collection up close, and enjoy an engaging evening of live...
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October 2018


October 18 to November 11
NOT MADE in CANADA is the beginning of a journey - both for Galerie MX as well as for the six artists who take part in this exhibition. It is a showcase, focusing on renowned international artists who are represented in Canada for the very first time. We are proud to present the results of this collaboration and introducing you to each artist creative universe. The show stars the Plexiglass Pop...
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June 2018

Exhibition «13 Pleines lunes» by Elise Caron

June 13 to June 27
In this brand new solo exhibit, I invite you in my visual universe to have an unprecedented meeting with the moon. For 35 years, my artistic journey follows a path of stripping, in a never-ending quest towards what is meaningful, essential. With my exhibit 13 Full moons, I have chosen to unite peace and essential. 13 artworks create a circuit: the 13 full moons of 2018. The titles are names who suggest the...
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May 2018

Exhibition «STILL DANCING» by Scott Plear

May 17 to June 6
Exposition «STILL DANCING» de Scott Plear du 17 mai au 6 juin à Montréal
Bits and Bobs Painting—like poetry, literature, architecture, dance, music, and other forms of expression—is about joining the various elemental qualities of the art form in the best combination to create an emotion. In painting, those qualities or elements are colour, value, shape, space, scale, and texture: the bits and bobs that make up a piece of art. If you get it right, it is like discovering the combination to a safe....
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April 2018

Exhibition «GRID TERRAIN» by Shawn Serfas

April 11 to April 25
Shawn Serfas identifies himself primarily as a ‘landscape painter’ influenced by the concept of ‘relational abstraction’ often referred to as ‘associative abstraction’. This approach to art-making is concerned with the extraction of the experiential nature of both material and subliminal environments. Here, an interesting dichotomy arises: the modality of the concept based on the associative ‘understanding’ of abstract pictorial propositions allows the viewers to find the references to some sort...
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March 2018

Exhibition «EAU» by Robin Cerutti

March 13 to March 28
Montreal-based photographer Robin Cerutti captures alluring underwater portraits in his series titled Mirrors. The images, photographed in vibrant, crystal-clear pools, were shot sideways. This simple rotation creates a strong visual impact; the water no longer floats above Cerutti’s models. Instead, it faces them directly, as if they’re about to walk through a surreal, liquid portal, towards another universe. “By capturing the moment, the instant, I reveal the optical properties of the...
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November 2017

Exhibition The Ivory Madonnas by Dominic Besner

November 8 to November 19
The event The Ivory Madonnas announce the return of Besner in all the flamboyance we have come to expect from him. This corpus is a tribute to his famous character who has followed him and evolved by his side for more than 25 years. To do so, he chooses to share the particular stories of the madonnas who fill his universe. «The exhibit The Ivory Madonnas is, for me, an excuse...
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