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Exhibition by Michel T. Desroches

June 20 to July 2

Desroches portrays almost exclusively faces. The observation of the human face is conducive to subjectivity. The look and mood that emerge from it offer an infinite range of attitudes and emotions. We all apply emotion detection when seeing a face, it is instinctive. This spontaneous interpretation often reveals an inner state. This identification of emotion creates an attachment.” He bases his sketches and paintings on various sources: photos he takes of participants in its art therapy workshops, expressions of actors in film clips, stills of athletes externalizing their feelings during competitions. Immersed in the heart of the emotional complexity when confronted with mental disordered people, he is regularly exposed to the suffering, the strength of the interior offered by the looks. It is a quest for intensity.

The face is the sophisticated interface that sometimes betrays our inner states. Drawing a human face is a challenge for me. The presence of the soul is paramount ” Indeed, Desroches is committed to rendering expression rather than morphological similarity.

One say that his characters are inhabited, that a presence emanates from them. Through its exploration of human emotions, Desroches reveals what we all live, all the moods that fluctuate constantly. In each work, he strives to set the mood of a moment.

Michel T. Desroches started his carrier as a self-taught painter. He did a lot of live-painting, thus doing mostly abstract improvisation. Driven by the desire to validate his practice by studies, he obtained in 2007 a Bachelor degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM.

He is a disciplined and prolific artist, he works every day, motivated by a strong aesthetic exploration. He alternates figurative and abstract works.

Desroches is also an art-therapist since 2006. Through this work, he is close to people with mental disorders and helps them find their balance through artistic expression.


June 20 to July 2


Galerie MX


Galerie MX
333 Viger Ouest
Montréal,  Québec  H2Z 0A1 Canada