”En Chantier” Antoine Claes

Exhibition from May 18th to 29th, 2011
Opening the 18th at 5p.m.Galerie MX

“EN CHANTIER” – MX Gallery would like to share with fans of architecture an exhibition highlighting the work of Antoine Claes, an artist who excels in the art of representing atypical areas and most often industrial.

“En Chantier” (m) Land on which we proceed to demolition, repair or construction.

 “En Chantier” is an exhibition of some thirty works with the theme of industrialization by Antoine Claes. With his technique, he encourages the viewer to get to the other side of the fence and explore an intriguing landscape often ignored .

This unique universe gives the painter a visual signature. Elements that are usually surrounded by scaffolding or hidden behind a fence, for him becomes a source of composition.

Based on an extensive photographic survey throughout cities like Berlin, Brussels and Montreal, Antoine Claes selects from  his own inspiring images. For more than ten years, Antoine peers through the shutter of a camera, with his painter’s eye, to capture images that are consequently recreated onto wood panels. Although technically the paint is applied with rigor and realism, the subject is treated with a sense of drama and emotion. Interestingly, the artist uses a spatula to give his industrial work a matter aspect. Thus, the picture becomes also …”En Chantier”.