Besner in Morocco

Besner in  Morocco


On May 1st, Dominic Besner took off for Essaouira in Morocco, where he will be spending the next two weeks. For the first time, he will be creating outside his studio, and will produce three large format works that will be exhibited at the Casablanca Biennale next June. As an artist invited to participate in the Biennale, Besner will orient his production in relation to the theme this year: Dialogue.

Enthousiastic, he is reconnecting with a country in which he has exhibited twice in 2007. Highly recognized, “Le banquet de Nacarat” and “Au fil de l’Art” today owe him an entire book dedicated to his time in Marocco. The publication will be edited by the Centre d’Art d’Essaouira in collaboration with the magazine “Maroc Premium.”

La Villa des Arts museum of Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco – January 11th to March 15th 2007

In November 2004, the department of cultural action of Cirque du Soleil invited Dominic Besner to exhibit his pieces in their head offices. They gave him full permission to do what wanted with the space. He decided to exhibit about twenty paintings of the same format : 48 x 30, as well as three scale models. Two hundred guests were present at this private event entitled : La Xe cité révolue the night of its opening.

Venise Cadre Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco – October 2007

Le Banquet de Nacarat was an exhibition organized at the Venise Cadre gallery in Casablanca. Besner presented about twenty pieces whose presence were explained by a text named Le temps du Jasmin that Besner wrote himself. A catalogue of the exhibition was edited and completed the excellent media coverage for the event. Besner was inspired by the colors and scents of Morocco to create this exotic body of work.