After graduating with an MBA in international policy, French-born Valerie Carmet obtained her first job in New York City working in the fashion industry. After a decade in the fashion business, Valerie decided to go back to her first passion and studied the Arts. She experimented with different kinds of media in differents schools and went on to specialize in Mosaic Art in Italy. She worked as a full time artist at The Anadamali Studio in Tribeca for 3 years while teaching the art of mosaic and honing in on her own expertise in both mosaic and mixed media. Valerie created large scale commissions for prestigious commercial clients such as The Rockefeller Center, the New York University Cancer Institute, the Ritz Carlton hotel, and Pfizer, as well as art surfaces, wall paintings, and furniture for private clients and collectors, who describe her work as “an expression of light, color, joy, and good feeling with a twist of originality”.

In her inspirational Pop Art collection called “ToyBox: not intended for small children”, Valerie describes her approach with this new medium by saying, “My children’s toys, too sweet and memorable to lose, were gathering dust in a box. I began this series to reflect on my own childhood and realized the importance “play” had in our lives, the psychological effect it had and continues to have on us as adults.

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