Robin Cerutti has followed a rather unique career path; besides being a very talented photographer, he holds a PHD in Nanophysics. In 2006, while working for IBM in New York, his artwork emerged, and it began to be recognized and requested in the art/fashion scene.

While living in New York, he exhibited first his work at “Collective Gallery 173-171” in Chinatown at the benefits of the American-Italian Cancer Foundation, organized by Damiani and Kiton. He then signed the exhibition “She’s an Astronomer”, a portrait series of women in astronomy that was intended to motivate young women to get involved in science. It was shown first in Zocalo, in the heart of downtown Mexico City, then in the Museo de la Luz and in several schools.

In 2012, he designed a Pop Post-Modernist collection, featured by many digital art platforms to mark the closing of the Tom Wesselman exhibit at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. His photographs have been exhibited at the Chromatic Festival in Montreal (2012 to 2014) and in Paris (2015). In 2015, Cerutti has been invited by Montreal Creative to display his work in the studio of ARTV. He then joined the MX Gallery team. 

Since then, he has been exhibiting his work internationally, from Florida in 2016 (Las Olas Fine Art) to Paris, where he joined the Marciano Gallery in 2017.

In 2017, thanks to hub-art, he’s been able to exhibit his new series entitled Presence at the Cube Art Fair, a Belgium fair that features 30 North American artists. He will be exhibiting Presence in Paris in the near future. 

Furthermore, within the last few years, Robin has participated twice in cinema, adapting his concept of staging dreamy visual scenes in the movies of French director Louis-Julien Petit: Carole Mathieu, 2016, starring Isabelle Adjani, and Les Invisibles, 2018. 

His work has been featured in many blogs and magazines, such as: Artsy Editorial, PetaPixel, My Modern Net, American Photography Artist, Photography Served, Claudia Magazine, …

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Inside Escape – Portrait du photographe Robin Cerutti from Alexis Dubosc on Vimeo.