Born in 1973 in Waltham, Massachusetts, Richard Nocera began his formal artistic studies at the prestigious Cambridge School of Weston. He continued at the Parsons School of Design in New York, which gave him the opportunity to broaden his techniques. In 1994, he was accepted into the extremely selective program, Parsons Paris. He subsequently discovered Montreal, where he settled for a time as an artist painter. In 1997 he returned to New York and opened a studio in t he Meatpacking District. He currently lives in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, with his wife and daughter.

Richard Nocera’s creations find their origins in gestures that are never haphazard. He emphasizes the spontaneity, but at the same time the compositions are carefully planned. He works with full awareness and intention, but always makes room for accidental chance. The trajectory is well planned but the destination never specified. His works are physical manifestations of their own construction that create complex relations between light and obscurity.
The entire process requires the viewer to be fully attentive, both psychologically and physically. That is why painting outdoors is so conducive to his approach: the air is pure, the light natural, and the spirit pure. There are undoubtedly elements of ceremony and ritual in his approach to painting which is based on deep reflection.

Richard Nocera’s work fits perfectly into the western tradition of gestural art. Although American, he has created works that are reminiscent of both abstract and informal European expressionism. His work also has echoes of the American sublime of Rothko, Newman or even Pierre Soulage. His distinctive use of tar and white titanium oil paint has caught the attention of Hollywood art collectors, international fashion icons, and many private collectors around the world.

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