Raphaëlle Séguin was born in Montréal, Quebec. From an early age, she likes to doodle, pottering and painting. She studied arts at Lionel-Groulx College and graduated in design at “Cégep du Vieux-Montreal”. Passionate by the world of visual arts and graphic design, she is mostly fascinated by people’s faces. For her, it’s the most effective tool to communicate. She finds her inspiration from everything that surrounds her, but especially from the different people she meets in her everyday life. To create her characters, she likes to play with the different shapes, volumes, colors and contrasts to give them an original universe and a unique personality. She loves to bring a funny side to her portraits more that sometimes have more serious features. She tries to give people a breath of fresh air, a moment of craziness, a little lightness and make them smile. Painting is a visceral need for her. This allows her total surrender into a world where boundaries and constraints don’t exist.

Her approach is in constant evolution and she is always looking to bring her work further. You can define her art as naive, vulnerable, insightful, playful, humorous, candid and colorful. She likes the fact that each person makes her own reading and interpretation of the faces they are exposed to.

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