Michel T. Desroches is a visual artist born in 1970 and based in Montreal.

He started his career as a self-taught painter. He did a lot of live-painting, thus doing mostly abstract improvisation. Driven by the desire to validate his practice by studies, he obtained in 2007 a Bachelor degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM.

«The presence of the line in my practice is a celebration of feverish gesture through a fragile trace of emotion « This is how Desroches describes his approach to drawing. To express a kind of absolute emotion, he seeks hard the ultimate form. His quest leads him to explore the balance between lines and gaps, between forms and counterforms. His strokes express the energy of his gestures. He sculpts the spaces of light and shadow with his pencil, builds complex networks, creates playgrounds for the eyes.

Desroches defines himself as a symbolist, in the sense that to him image transcends representation, it allows to reach the sacred, to get to a dimension that is larger than the original.

Always intended to make the inner tug visible, Desroches is no longer limited to the representation of the face alone. He superimposes his abstract works and his portraits. Proceeding first by digital montages, he gradually tends to achieve this merging into a single operation, just by drawing.

Desroches also works with colors. Until now he was cautious with the intrinsic emotions that emerge from them, the technical ease acquired with practice gives him more freedom and now allows him to manage graphics and colors together … To give even more intensity and nuances to his works.

Desroches’s artistic journey is the progressive symbiosis of being with creation, leading inevitably them to mutual blooming.

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