Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 19, 1961. Eldest of three children, his father, notary by profession and her mother, writer and drama teacher. Studied at Collège Bourget in Rigaud and Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal. Traveled to Central America for two months in 1979. Resides in Canmore, Province of Alberta from 1983-1985. Resides in Vancouver, Province of British Colombia from 1985-1990. Self-taught artist since 1986.

Faced with chaos, over-consumption and uncertainty within modern society, Marc A.J. Fortier questions the actors that we are with irony and occasional sarcasm, For him,all the elementsof our world, be they living or inanimate, are animated by the same life and are confronted in an apparently irrational order: faces are human and robotic at the same time while objects are as much inanimate as they are animated. The sculptures and paintings of Marc A.J. Fortier take place in the realm of reality and the mundane by afirming the durability and permanency of human attitudes: snobbery and elitism, envy and pride, boredom, untruthfulness and solitude.
By Marie-Andrée Brière

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