Lucas Saralidze is a Canadian artist, originally from Georgia, who currently works and lives in Montreal. Exploring different mediums from an early age, he quickly discovered and developed a passion for the art of graffiti. After years of practicing spray painting, he began to focus his efforts on creating a unique style of his own.

A great enthusiast of American culture of the 40’s and 50’s, he creates his works by drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of that era, while adding a modern and contemporary touch. His “Matte & Mirror” spray-painting technique also allows him to create living graphics, which react according to the environment and the viewer’s point of view. His vintage-looking work is also influenced by the styles of famous American artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Gil Elvgren and Harry Ekman. The artist’s color palette and minimalist approach results in thought-provoking work that depicts characters who often misbehave, but with style.

Don’t be fooled by the simplistic and minimalist look of the work, because it is far from that. Each piece is entirely drawn and designed by the artist who works himself all the stages of production to ensure a more than perfect rendering. With each work, he pushes his technique further in an effort to modernize perceptions rooted in culture and reject old stereotypes.

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