Keven Saint-Claire was born in the Laurentians on June 14, 1990. He began studying cinema at the Saint-Jérôme Cégep and continues his studies in Art History at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Both disciplines have had an immense impact on his artistic work, in terms not only of composition but also of the reflection that he invests in his art in order to produce work of high quality, which is carefully researched.

The characters, which he creates from a highly academic perspective, are in black and white in order to emphasize their photo-like quality. This is his unique signature, which allows him to maintain the nostalgia of a given period of time, when colour prints did not yet exist. His work in photography began during his cinema studies, but he tends to prefer painting, which gives him the possibility of creating images and scenery without constraints or limits.

There is a basic dichotomy to all his work. He has always been interested in symbolism as well as the possible interpretation of symbols, which he constantly seeks to represent by way of contrast, thus creating a subjective corpus, which is always unique to every viewer.

Keven Saint-Claire has created universe, which consists of beauty, pleasure, vice and contrasts, the goal of which is to stimulate reflection on the human soul.

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