Self taught, using is sense of observation and his curious nature his works are constantly evolving, exploring with different techniques and mediums, meeting other talented artists, and taking courses and creative workshops,related to is interest in art and design.

His passion for architecture and modern design are amongst is greater influences , concepts like Geometry, volumes, clean lines, balance, color and contrast are apparent in his artworks.

His abstract geometric works investigate how we perceive color and form.Using color bands and basic geometric shapes in a precise and repetitive manner, he creates fascinating optical effects.
Illusions where the colors are changing, radiating in their relation one to another. Where a seemingly straight line become sinuous, depending on the point of view, lighter and darker shapes are creating a sense of depth,a third dimension on a two dimensional surface.
With is broad chromatic spectrum and geometric patterns he challenges the observant perception in a different and captivating visual language.

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