Isabelle Tremblay was born November 4, 1970 in Chicoutimi. As she has always revealed artistic abilities, she followed several artistic programs: DEC in Visual arts in Cegep, Chicoutimi, a Fine arts Certificate at Université de Sherbrooke and a Bachelor in Graphic Design at Université Laval in Quebec. This degree allowed her to work in the video game company Ubi-Soft during 3 years as a texture and pattern structure graphic designer. But her passion and devotion for art, the desire to share her emotions and experiences, being related to the other, to invisible and mystery brought her to go back to painting.

Isabelle defines herself as a seeker. She compares art practice to spiritual practice; her work is based on symbols, metaphors and energetic paths. She longs for giving the “lights” she receives and try to find a balance in the surrounding chaos, creating a space within and around her to be able to hear and receive the guidance and the inspiration. When harmony is found, it’s merely purity and serenity getting out of the paintings.

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