Bradley Hart is a Canadian artist who earned a Double Honours Degree Visual Arts from the University of Toronto. In 2008, he packed his bags to leave for New York, where he now lives and continues to work.

In the Big Apple, he made his reputation with the series Bubble Wrap. He embarked on this adventure while he was researching the origins of bubble wrap and discovered that it was originally developed as a modern type of wall cladding in 1957. It is ironic that the original purpose of this new material was a monumental flop.

The process developed by Bradley Hart consists of injecting paint into bubble wrap using syringes to create pixelized photorealistic images. The bubbles in the bubble wrap act as references to specific points or pixels with allusions to different movements in the history of art and other media. The compositions in this series are reminiscent of the neo-impressionist esthetics of Seurat, Signac, Cross and many others.

One composition leads to another.
During the process, every bubble is filled individually. The artist injects into each bubble an amount of paint that has been calculated in a way that the surplus paint drips onto the flat side of the bubble film. While drying, the drops merge and are then removed from the plastic. The layer of film becomes a composition in itself as a totally natural sub-product of the plastic. The spectator then becomes the observer of the relationship created between the two.

Bubble Wrap is highly suggestive of the artificiality of our society, where 99% of what we use comes from plastic… Bradley Hart’s work is highly ironic; he succeeds in applying his very natural, subtle, and delicate art to a material which lacks nobility, designed mainly for mass production.

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