Franz Walderdorff was born in Munich in 1961. He first studied photography at the Lazi Academy in Stuttgart, where he completed his Diploma. After moving to Hamburg, he had the unique opportunity to work and perfect his skills with famous photographer, Werner Bokelberg.

In 1986, Walderdorff left for New York where he had further opportunities to work with well-established photographers such as Bruce Weber and Denis Piel. It was at the same time that he was discovered by the legendary Carrie Donovan and began working in print media for newspapers such as the New York Times. From that time on his work regularly appeared in Allure, the Spanish and Chinese editions of Vogue and the German, British and Italian editions of Glamour.

Several years ago he settled in South Hampton, New York, and the tranquillity and peace of this resort community continues to inspire his work. Sun, sand, sea and bathers provide focal points for his work. He combines the techniques of a film director and the attention to detail of the portrait artist to evoke images of great beauty. Casual ambiance enhanced by high visual definition has created a unique signature in Walderdorff’s contemporary work, characterized by radiant stillness and by captivating, yet serene beauty. His creations are steeped in the charm of foregone years, that has been reinvented to the tastes or our times.

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