Françoise Nielly was born in Marseilles in 1960, and now lives and works in Paris.

Growing up with an architect father, she developed her love of art in his firm, where she spent many hours at a drawing table not to disturb the staff. In fact, Nielly eventually chose the knife as her tool of choice because of this proximity with architecture.

In a sense, she de-structures her subjects as a cubist would, but she mostly explores the properties of colours in the twentieth century Fauvism style. Françoise Nielly uses bright colours as an outlet, and a celebration of life in general. With a knife, she models her subjects, thus uniting matter and colour in this pursuit of vitality. Plain colours are laid down, flattened, and spread with expert, quick, and precise hand. Lines are almost completely absent from Françoise Nielly’s work; volumes, shapes, and perspectives are delineated by colour itself, which creates ultra-structured pieces despite her unimpeded gesture.

As an internationally acclaimed artist who is very well appreciated by the public collectors, Françoise Nielly is represented by major galleries throughout the world, and has been showcased is several important art fairs.

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