Élise Caron received a creative grant by the CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) and she is a finalist of the 2015 CALQ Award in the Creator of the Year category in the Laurentians. In 2013, she is invited to be part of prestigious exhibit on “Paul-Émile Borduas at the Museum of Fine Arts of Mount Saint-Hilaire. Her work was exhibited at the Marius-Barbeau Museum in 2011. She is among the group of artists involved in the Integration Policy from Arts to Architecture, 1%. Her work is included in the public and private collections of corporations such as the Quebec and Canada governments, particularly in the Department of Foreign Affairs (for Canadian embassies).

“In term of composition, I use a very spare, abstract and contemporary approach to form, colours and space. My conception of the painting is based on an Oriental approach. The lateral position of my signature on the edge of the painting is intentional because it is an integral part of the artistic process and stems directly from traditional ancestral practise. According to Chinese philosophy, this element of the painting is given full consideration to produce balance in the work. I create a balance between the empty (the white space) and the full spaces (the colors) (yin and yang), while infusing them into the principle of abstract art which is “all over”. – Elise Caron

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