Thanks to the lenticular photography technology, women – of flesh or of plastic – unveil themselves, playing a game of hide and seek, revealing their attribute then dressing up with modesty. The work is moving, at the blink of an eye, with the movement of the viewer, creating a show for him.

From a young age, Plaisance starts to develop a very aesthetic vision of the photographic medium. Her Barbies, she has been photographing them for a very long time, and while the images have evolved, there is still a reminder of the presence of childhood and a certain naivety since her first step as a photographer using an Instamatic camera. The Barbies, these dolls that are dressed and undressed in a constant flow, metamorphose themselves into today’s woman. In 2016, Plaisance initiates a transition in her photography, moving from a lifeless plastic doll to real – alive and of flesh – model. The subject in front of the lens has changed, evolved – the message, meanwhile, remains the same.

There is, in the representation of women, in this game of showing and hiding, the memory of the innocence the object related to childhood and the strength of an emancipated woman, the one who assumes fully herself, the one who carries in her all the aspects of yesterday as well of today and everything in between. As Plaisance like to say: “Be aware, a woman can hide another!” The women of her work live fully, whatever their appearance, they seduced and brings a certain frivolity, a lightness to a world that sometimes still feels too conventional.

Plaisance started her professional life in the Financial sector, then travel for a little while before making a leap into IT – all with photography on her mind, never that far away. It is only after her move to Brussels that she started giving more importance to the medium, devoting more of her time to it. From her photography emerges the flavor of feminism express with a deep commitment and a touch of frivolity. From the beginning, in 2008, the success is at the door, confirming her calling as a photographer. In addition to many articles and exhibitions, her resumé expands faster than the seasons go by, PHOTO magazine awarded her the PHOTO prize in 2018, making Nun Alex and Baby Dune their cover for number 534. Her work is part of important prestigious corporate and private collections such as the King of Morocco, the Handler Family (Founder of Matter and creator of the famous Barbie), the collection of CEO Jo Malone – to name only a few. She is represented for the first time in Canada by Galerie MX. 

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