In 1991, Carl Lessard was internationally acclaimed at the International Festival of Fashion Photography in Barcelona. Since then, he has received numerous distinctions, having notably won the Lux Award in Canada several times.

As part of his most recent large-scale project Faith, his work was exhibited at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (May 2004), in New York at Soho Gallery (June 2004), and in Montreal at the Red Cross Military Hall (May 2007). His work was presented once again in the American art capital at 2R2 Gallery in 2008.

With a profound passion for people and his art, Carl Lessard is embarking on yet another odyssey, in the footsteps of Faith, to capture the ever-elusive nature of being.

Carl Lessard shoots with silver halide and digital equipment to reach beyond matter and capture its essence, and seize the decisive instant of pure truth. These precious and unique moments are often a question of chance. They flow from the enigmatic energy of a subject, and take shape in the shared moment with the other. When he meets and connects with exceptional beings, in ways that are inexorable and unexplainable, Carl Lessard seizes the opportunity and fully embraces his intuition as a photographer. His work becomes a bilateral experience where both parties equally give and take, both subject and photographer become actors in what is at play, to such an extent that both emerge deeply moved, as if the eye of the camera exposed their innermost and profound self.

Carl Lessard thus seeks to develop an intimate contact with outstanding people, who are not defined by their notoriety or reputation, but rather by their determination, commitment to their art, and the inner strength, which they invest in their work. Without any pre-defined rules or constraints, the project is therefore based on chance and spontaneous encounters, where any space can become a studio that the artist choses intuitively, rather than logically.

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