Andrew Berks was born in England to British and Canadian parents; he lived in South West London and Surrey before moving to Canada aged eleven. His family spent two years in British Columbia before settling in Ottawa, Ontario, where he completed his secondary education. A brief introduction to acrylics during school art classes prompted his independent experimentation with oils, for which he quickly developed a greater enthusiasm and affinity. Two years studying Fine Art at Queen’s University, alongside third party recognition of his early works, was enough to confirm that his interest and abilities favoured a focus on painting. This led to the decision to set out as a professional artist in 2012.

Andrew Berks’ oil paintings capture his combined interest in contemporary experimentation and technical proficiency. His works range between realist interpretations of his subjects and bold experiments with colour and texture. His work also displays a wide range of subjects, most consistently including striking landscapes and contemporary animal portraits. Berks does not tend to cite the inspiration behind his pieces; he is typically driven by experimentation and aesthetic appeal, both of which become clearer to him as he develops each work. Considering each painting viewed from up close and from far away, he attempts to develop interest from both perspectives. He works mostly from his own photographs, deviating from them to varying degrees.

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