Nelly Lim

Born in Paris in 1980, she came to Quebec in 1990. Since her childhood, Nelly has been attracted by arts and decided in 1999 to enrol on Visual Arts program at College Dawson and got a degree in 2002. She also got Studio Art degree in 2009 from Concordia University. From there she decided to leave Quebec for Xiamen in China to learn about her roots and especially this country in transition, a particular energy now reflected in artist’s paintings.

Nelly’s works depict the remaining conflict within a harmonious environment but never evoke any perfection. Artist’s choice is to balance two opposite things into one image : beauty and ugliness, old and new and giving us a personal vision of present-day China. Nelly’s inspiration is also in the different looks of the world, a visual depiction made and influenced by several supports and materials used as silk or fabric.