Affordable Art Fair New York

From April 18 to 22nd

The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) exists since 1999 and has imposed itself as a rendez-vous for collectors and contemporary art lovers. For the second time, Galerie MX will participate in this event, which constitutes an ideal opportunity to promote five of the gallery’s artists.

Taking place in the largest cities of the world (New York, Los Angeles, London, Brussels, Paris, etc.) the different Affordable Art Fairs wish to promote the idea that contemporary art does not need to be expensive or intimidating. The fairs are designed for art lovers who have never bought original pieces as well as for experienced collectors who wish to discover new and emerging artists and galleries. All this for a budget ranging between 100$ to 10 000$.

This spring, Galerie MX joins other exhibitors coming from Paris, London, Buenos Aires etc., to promote the energetic creativity of Canadian artists. It is an occasion for them to find a new public and to acquire greater visibility on the international art market—in the midst of an inspiring and enthusiastic atmosphere.

This year, the pink banner of Galerie MX will proudly represent five of its artists at the New York AAF: Sylvain Coulombe, Jean-Pascal Fournier, Yves Louis-Seize, Scott Plear and Katia Poulin. The elaborate mixed techniques of Coulombe, Fournier and Poulin draw the viewer into a lyrical universe. Plear’s approach is unique, combining acrylic, textures and vibrant colors to express an abstract language. The artworks of Yves Louis-Seize have a minimalist tendency, joining pure forms and plastic rigor to the metallic medium that composes them.

Galerie MX diffuses the talents of local and international artists. Dedicated to representing emerging and established artists, the gallery democratizes contemporary art and addresses itself to neophytes as well as collectors of art.

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