A contemporary art gallery in the heart of Montreal

Gallery MX was founded in 2005 by two longtime friends: Michael Mensi, a gallery agent, and François Lauzon, a painter. Both shared the common desire to create a designated area in the heart of the Quartier International de Montreal for various artists to display their artwork. In 2017, the Gallery joined their activities to those of the Mensi & Rioux distribution agency, thus allowing the artists represented by Gallery MX to access the agency’s wide expertise in market development on an international scale.

Through the years, Gallery MX has hosted many cultural public events, such as the Andy Summers exhibit (2007) of the legendary music group “The Police”. Also noteworthy was the Tony Curtis exhibit (2008) as well as the Gilles Carle exhibit (2007), without forgetting the hosting of the “Vagina Monologues” (2008) and the two event-exhibitions by Dominic Besner in 2004, “La démesure des convoités” and “MORA” in 2011.

Our mandate, since day 1, has been to discover emerging artists and to help the public discover them as well. We also wish to help the public discover established, modern artists, may they be Canadian or international artists. We wish to do so through exhibits and meetings in our 6,000 sq foot space.

At Gallery MX, we believe that there is a fine line between the artists’ universe, their art and the gallery owners’ universe, which tears down the veil of the unknown, allowing the spectators to witness that universe. The Gallery’s philosophy must, first and foremost, be oriented towards learning and appreciating the artists and their achievements.
Although those elements are crucial to the quality of work, they remain secondary to the artist, unless they possess a soul and a unique style.

Work and research are not substitutes to the creativity of the artist; actually, they are complementary. They are necessary, serving, among other things, to reveal the emotional intensity of each image.

The luminous space that creates the architectural masterpiece of the Gallery MX is not only used to exhibit magnificent artwork, but it is also available to host various events such as weddings or corporate evenings. And because there is more than a reason to love an artwork without necessarily wanting to own it, Gallery MX is also offering the possibility of renting its rooms.

Montreal offers an important number of possibilities for art amateurs, such as through the east gallery of the Place Jean-Paul Riopelle or the Palais des Congrès. Both are very interesting landmarks. In the same spirit and mindset, Gallery MX also invites you to come discover the multiple riches that it has to offer. Whether it’s in a context of a momentary desire or a special event, you are always welcome.